HEARTLESS Cover Reveal!

HEARTLESS (Black Thorns, #4)

A man broken by loss.
A love that won’t be denied.
When the past comes calling, all hell breaks loose.
As Sergeant-at-Arms, Daz “Smiter” Forbes is the unwavering, level-headed member of the Black Thorns Motorcycle Club. He’s the impenetrable wall that safeguards the club, its interests, and its family. There’s no room for error, weakness, or emotion in his line of work.
Until an enemy from his tragic past resurfaces, putting everything and everyone he cares about in jeopardy and sending him into a tailspin. If that isn’t enough, he’s forced to make a choice, once and for all, when it comes to the woman he’s been holding at bay for too long. It’s all, or nothing.
Halle Belmont is struggling to keep her business afloat in the aftermath of one too many turf wars that’ve had the city inhabitants fleeing, her clientele disintegrating. But she’s never been someone to shy away from a fight. In her quest to save Temptress, she inadvertently stumbles into Black Thorns business, endangering her life in the process. It forces her into club protection and into close quarters with the one man who seems hell-bent on breaking her heart.
When the club’s enemy commits a shocking act, leaving everyone reeling, the two of them realize the true stakes of their love. It’s time to finally pull together, or pull apart.

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It’s here! The second book in the Black Thorns Series.

SOULLESS (Black Thorns, #2)

Microsoft Word - Cover_soulless.docxDetermined to get his girl back, Ax sets a plan in motion. It’s a plan that has him heading down a dark road—one he might not make it back from. Trying to protect the club, he keeps it a secret and goes it alone.

But all bets are off when Dealer finds out and an old enemy comes gunning for Black Thorns.

Roxana’s attempt at a new life comes crashing down when Ax tracks her down and puts her under club protection. Desperate need and desire reignites between them instantly and, before long, they find themselves right back where they started.

But will it be different this time?

Will they manage to overcome everything trying to tear them apart?