A dangerous biker on a mission.
A sexy ball-buster standing in his way.
When these two lost souls collide, all bets are off.
Two years ago, he walked away.
Now he’s back as VP of BLACK THORNS MC.
He’s a man on a mission.
His enemies will quake.
The brotherhood will waver.
Their reckoning has come.

First he needs to put a feisty hard-ass in her place, but she’s under his skin.
He can’t let her go.

She’s made it to the top.
A biker turf war won’t mess with that.
She’ll fight to the death for her city.
She’ll protect what’s hers.

If only she can keep her head in the game and her heart locked up tight.
She can’t let him clip her wings.

Theirs is a dangerous love that could burn them both to ash.


A damaged man who knows no peace.  
A broken warrior who can’t move on.
The fight has only just begun.
Forced apart from his woman and stuck in a place he can’t bear to be
He’s President of Black Thorns MC now and he’ll wield that power to fix everything
He’ll stop at nothing.
He won’t lose her again.
War will reign.

They took too much from her and burned her world to ash.
But when the fight comes to her, she answers the call.
She’ll stand beside her man.
She won’t lose him again.
The battle is on.
Their love might cost them their lives, but walking away isn’t an option. Not this time.


He never saw her coming
An angel doesn’t belong with a devil
Nothing will ever be the same
He’s the wild playboy of Black Thorns MC, until life in the fast lane gets tired.
A shy diner owner catches his eye and his world spins on its axis.
He can’t walk away.
He’ll protect her with his life.
But it might cost him everything.
A blast from the past comes at him and he struggles to hold on.
Can their love weather the storm?

She’s spent years hiding, then the past comes calling.
Her biker crush defends her, but it puts him and his club in the crossfire.
They’re an unlikely match.
The connection between them is undeniable.
Scarred by the darkest parts of life, they fight to heal each other.



A man broken by loss.
A love that won’t be denied.
Do some scars just run too deep?
He’s the loyal, unwavering Sergeant-at-Arms of Black Thorns.
The impenetrable force that safeguards the club.
Until an enemy resurfaces and sends him into a tailspin.
It’s all on the line.
His club.
His girl.
His very life.

She’s a blonde bombshell, a savvy businesswoman.
But times are hard and she’s struggling to stay afloat.
It pulls her into danger and as enemy of the club sets his sights on her.
She’s pulled into a brutal battle.
But she’s never been one to shy away from anything.
She’ll see it through.
She’ll stand by Smiter’s side.
It’s time to pull together, or finally pull apart, once and for all.

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