One tough Alpha wolf
One bloodthirsty vampire
Throw in a dominant warlock, a soldier of the enemy, and deliciously dark chaos reigns. 

I’m in some big-time trouble here. My father was killed by the greatest threat the supernatural world has ever seen. Now I’m expected to take up the mantle. Seriously? Do I seem like I have a death wish? It’s bad enough having to work with a stubborn, high-maintenance vampire chick. But then an enemy soldier comes calling, wanting a piece of me too?

Sure, he’s majorly hot. Doesn’t mean I’m gonna drop on all fours for him. I’ve got enough trouble on my hands with a vengeful ex, the enemy hunting me down like I’m some kind of rabid dog. Oh, yeah, and all this weird prophecy stuff.

My complicated life, just got worse. A dangerous megalomaniac has been hunting me for decades. Guess what? He’s my father. As if I don’t have enough on my plate, my visions of an ancient prophecy are bringing me closer to the eye of the storm. I’ve been paired with an antagonistic, smart-mouthed Alpha wolf, a woman I can barely stand. Not to mention, an arrogant warlock who’s intent on making me his. Over my hot body!

At least I know this waking nightmare has an end in sight. We only need to take down the most ruthlessly powerful army of maniacs in history, while avoiding my father at the same time.

How difficult can that possibly be?


One shattered.
One on the verge.
One gone.
Can the fallen prevail, the Circle be unbroken?

Rocked by tragic events, we pull apart.

Until circumstances force us to take up the mantle once again.

Now we’re major targets. The stakes are higher than ever.

Will we stand strong this time and pull together as we were always meant to?

Or, are we out of our league, fated to fall once more?


An overlooked, hotheaded warlock.
An iron-willed, seductive mage.
A forbidden alliance that threatens everything.

They don’t respect me.
They cast me aside.
I’m just the bastard brother to the legendary, all-powerful warlock.

I don’t have an impressive destiny thrust upon me.
So, watch me carve out my own.
I wield great power in my own right.
And, they’re about to see just how much.
They will tremble under my wrath.

They don’t value me.
They keep me beneath their heels.
I am merely one of the Vampire Elder’s expendable mages.
But, I have more tricks up my sleeves than they realize.
They’re about to face my worst.
Underestimating me will be their downfall.