The following books in the Kindred Call: Sanctum Falls series are now available for purchase on Amazon.


The last thing Alpha wolf Logan Sharp and Beta Colton Slater expected while executing a mission to recruit another Alpha to their cause was to encounter a blonde bombshell from their past. Namely, because they’d watched her die years ago. It’s all the more shocking when they realize she’s their Kindred, the one woman destined for them.

Growing up with a twisted father who’d skewed her views on Kindred love, the last thing Freya wants is to settle down. Or to be protected and pushed onto the sidelines.

Logan and Colt aren’t prepared to lose Freya a second time. As Alpha, Logan will do everything in his power to prevent it. With war coming, tensions between the three escalate.

Can they pull together and put their trust in each other, swallowing down their fears in favor of their strengths in time to survive what lies ahead? Or will this second chance they’ve been given be nothing but a fleeting affair?



Quinn Turner has spent her life on the run from faceless enemies. The tables turn after an attack one night that leads her straight into the arms of both her Kindreds and she’s pulled into their protection.

Sorcerer, Xavier Knight, never expected to encounter his Kindred so late in life, or for it to pull him back into battle in a major way. It brings him face-to-face with an ancient enemy who could be his downfall. More than that, so could Quinn.

Vampire Elder, Dante Graves, has been living his life on the straight and narrow. But his sinful past plagues him when he and Quinn are forced into close quarters. He doesn’t want to taint her innocence with his darkness.

The three of them could be a match made in hell. Or solidifying their bond could be the one thing needed for them and the entire supernatural world to survive the onslaught coming their way.



Powerful and highly independent, Leia is used to going it alone. Yet, when two seductive wolf hybrids enter her life, they get under her skin and she struggles to keep them at arm’s length. Especially when their mere touch can bring her to her knees.

Liam has never encountered a more maddening woman in his life. But he’s never been a man to give up so easily. Beneath her icy, closed-off surface, he discovers a dirty, passionate side that revels in the submission he demands from her.

Things get complicated when Micah rolls into town. Damaged by a torturous past, his arrival causes upheaval. But the longer he spends with his Kindred, the easier he finds it to keep his demons at bay.

When a mutual enemy forces the three of them to work together, it just might be the push they need to stop resisting the inevitable. To finally join together.

If they come out of it alive, of course.







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