RIDING ROUGH by Franca Storm – Cover Reveal



RIDING ROUGH by Franca Storm is Releasing on July 28, 2017! New MC Romance Novella!Mason Cross safeguards club security.
He’s Sergeant-at-Arms for the Steel Titans MC.
Running protection detail on someone should be a walk in the park.
And it would be.
If it was on anybody but HER.

Lucy Taylor.

He’s stayed away from her for a reason.
But now they’ve been thrown together, all bets are off.

The beast wants out of its cage.
To take her.
To devour her.
To claim her.

But that would mean breaking a code. Betraying a brotherhood.
Just cuz a man wants something doesn’t mean it’s right to take it.

But she’s more than a want. She’s a craving. In his bones.
A woman who makes a man want to brave chaos and even Hell itself

Besides, this biker’s always game for a rough and wild ride.

RIDING ROUGH is releasing JULY 28

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The first installment in the Hard Leather series, a brand new selection of motorcycle romance standalone novellas by Franca Storm.

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