Exciting News!

The next book in the Steel Titans MC series is coming soon!
Check out the Blurb Reveal below….

Cole Taylor is the top enforcer for the Steel Titans MC.
Their most loyal soldier.
Their go-to for dealing out pain, punishment and justice.
A formidable deterrent to enemies far and wide.
Turning rage into power makes him an unstoppable force.

Until he’s sent on a mission to HER.
Natasha “Nightshade” Ireland.
A well-known troublemaker, hated by the club.
An old flame he’s never been able to forget.

A shocking revelation ups the stakes for them like never before.
It’s time to take a stand.
Time to risk it all.
Time to put something ahead of the club.

He’ll wage a war to make it happen.
To protect her.
To claim her.
To finally bring her into his world.

He’s not letting her go this time.
No matter the cost.

Pre-order now: https://amzn.to/2xuDmKC

Coming June 25th.

First book in the series is already live.
Mason and Lucy’s story.

Mason is the Sergeant-at-Arms for the Steel Titans MC.
Dirty-talking, hard, honorable.
He’s hiding a secret craving for his best-friend’s little sister.
When they’re thrown together, will he take the shot?
Will he break a code & shake the brotherhood for the one woman he’s always wanted?