Desire reigns… 

Hard-as-nails Alpha wolf, Ryan Winters, has long given up on ever being with his true mate.

Until the night she strolls right on into his bar.

Shockingly, she knows nothing of his world, the innocent little thing clueless about the pull between them. His animal need to take her, amid the burgeoning desire threatening to overwhelm them is put on the back-burner as he’s forced to gently acclimate her into his world.

And that’s not the only thing standing in his way of finally claiming what’s his.

With external forces coming for her and his own brother trying to keep them apart, it becomes clear that neither of them can hide from who they truly are any longer.



Betrayal abounds…

Shocking revelations have the two lovers reeling and struggling to adjust to the new status quo.

As Ryan grows ferocious in his bid to protect his love, it leaves him open to attack. But an unexpected ally comes to his aid. His long-time mortal enemy, the Vampire King.

With new enemies coming into the fray and former allies betraying them, beggars can’t afford to be choosers.


Ties weather…

With the return of a dangerous figure from their past, Nathanial and Ryan step up their plan to bring peace to the Dark Realm. It forces both of them from their loves.

With too much time apart and interference from seductive figures, Ryan and Cora grow distant. When Ryan balks under the pressures of his new role as King of the Wolves, it adds to the strain between them, threatening to push them over the edge.

Can the two star-crossed lovers withstand everything being thrown at them? Or, will it destroy what had once seemed so meant to be?


Love strains…

When the Dark Realm starts to crumble under Oriana’s wrath, Ryan returns to lead his wolves into battle. This puts him right in the path of temptation at a time when things with Cora are beyond strained. Can he hold on, or will he make a decision that could shatter his and Cora’s love forever?

Cora is undergoing intensive training under Nathanial’s tutelage, in order to prepare for battle with Oriana. But, with her crumbling relationship with Ryan weighing heavily on her, along with Luca’s determination to take advantage of it, her ability to maintain emotional control is called into question.

Can she rise above it all long enough to destroy their enemy? Or, will she end up destroying herself?


Blood vows…

Shocking events leave Ryan grief-stricken. Surrounded by false hope and his own failure, he struggles to hold on.

During a visit to a supernatural BDSM club, he uncovers information that could lead him to his son. But, is it just another false lead, an empty promise, that’ll push him over the edge?

Or, does the Wolf King stand a chance of getting back all that he’s lost?