She’s supposed to be just another mission.
But when love takes hold, things are never simple.

All-powerful warlock, Finn Holt, is determined to succeed this time with the fifth Fated, the girl chosen to power his world and open the gates back home. After a century of failure, he believes River is finally the one strong enough to allow him to fulfil his duty. But, this time, everything is different. For one thing, her power is immeasurable. The most shocking thing of all, though? She’s under his skin. Tattooed bad boy, Finn, is as much a master of Light/Dark magic as he is of maintaining control in all situations. But as much as he tries to shake his growing feelings and desire for River, it proves impossible. Is Finn prepared to give up the freedom he’s wanted for so long, for a love he never saw coming?

River Slater is sick of wasting away her life in a boring, dead-end town. The moment Finn walks into her grandmother’s occult store, all that changes. Before she knows it, she’s caught up in a world she’d never believed existed: a world of magic, danger and an overwhelming attraction to a man whose intentions are unclear. Can she truly trust him, or will the man who’s stolen her heart end up betraying her in the most tragic way?

Enter a world of magic, danger and sorcery in this warlock romance, complete with magically tattooed heroes, a vampire who is much more than what he seems and a strong-willed sorceress.